The Source Church Wichita
Services Sunday Nights at 5pm.

Sunday Morning Breakfast & Bible Study

Every Sunday, 10:30am.  Join us for homemade breakfast followed by bible study in a relaxed, living-room like setting. We hang out on couches, drink coffee, eat good food and talk bible. We're also not in a rush to leave!

Kingdom Equipping

First Sundays, 5pm. An equipping service led by Matthew Penner and his team. Worship, teaching, Holy Spirit-led ministry / prayer time. Good for the body, soul and Spirit.

Fellowship Dinner

Second Sundays, 5pm. We have a potluck style dinner together where we dive deeper into relationship and family. Bring a dish, side or dessert to share! The Source provides all drinks, plates, napkins and utensils.

The Exchange

Third Sundays 5pm.  Think coffeehouse style conversation at a table. We open up the conversation to help answer questions you may have about the Bible, Jesus, Christianity, etc.

Scripture Reading

Fourth Sundays, 5pm. We'll read through an entire book of the bible, or a good piece of one if it's larger.  Group discussion on the overall feel and big point takeaway.