Category: Scriptures

AUDIO: Kingdom Equipping Teaching – The Word Cuts & Heals 12/3/17 at the Source Wichita

James teaches us about the Word of God cutting and healing at the same time. Stephanie leads us in a time of allowing the Lord to do that work in us.

VIDEO: James & Stephanie Jordan Trip Report – 11/12/17 at The Source Church Wichita

James & Stephanie share about their trip to Jordan with Kingdom Equipping at the Source Wichita.

VIDEO: Awaken The Dawn Testimony – 10/15/17 at The Source Church Wichita

Kimb & Jason share their takeaways from Awaken The Dawn in Washington DC.

VIDEO: Experiencing Jesus in the Scriptures – 10/1/17 at The Source Wichita

Tim Harder w/ Kingdom Equipping walks us through experiencing Jesus through the Scriptures as did the men on the road to Emaus w/ Christ.

Download the PDF of “A Burning Heart Encounter Worksheet” here.




VIDEO: Jesus wants us to KNOW Him. 9/3/17 at The Source Church Wichita

We can DO anything and everything "In the name of Jesus" yet never know Jesus. Jesus invites us to KNOW Him. We can look the part and not have the heart. Take a listen and heed the invitation from Jesus to KNOW Him.