Gatherings & classes at the Source:

Gatherings & Classes
at the Source

Sundays, 11am
Disciple Community in the Sanctuary.

Disciple Community is a Sunday morning gathering of disciples of Jesus. We see worship as warfare. We seek throne room engagement. We want to encourage and challenge the saints through scripture. We enjoy communion w/ Christ. We seek heaven meeting earth. We gather to engage with the Father through the sacrifice of Christ, to be refueled, rested, and reinvigorated in our spirits to live out our destiny of administering heaven to earth for the glory of the Lord. Our heart for those attending is the Father’s heart to be made known to them in a real way.

Sundays, 2pm – 4pm
Engaging Heaven Mentor Group NOW ONLINE!

Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm
Engaging Heaven Class ( Online ) | Request the link HERE.

Thursdays,1pm – 3pm
Engaging Heaven Class ( Online ) | Request the link HERE.

Saturday, ( Dates vary ) 9am-11am
Spiritual Foundations in the Parlor. Email for more info.